2020-2021 Champions

Wooster Boys Basketball


League Standings

Wooster 11-1
Ashland 10-2
West Holmes 6-5
Mount Vernon 6-6
Mansfield Sr.  5-6
Madison 2-9
Lexington 0-11


All Conference Selections

Player of the Year:  Luke Denbow (Junior) -  Ashland

Coach of the Year:  Don Hall -  West Holmes

First Team

Name Grade School
Brayden Hamilton Junior Wooster
Eli White Senior Ashland
David Nolen Senior Wooster
Blake Meyer Senior Mt. Vernon
Micah McKee Junior Wooster
Grayson Steury Sophmore Ashland
Maurice Ware Junior Mansfield Sr.


Second Team

Name Grade School
Blake Morrison Junior West Holmes
Shad Creamer Senior Mansfield Sr.
Jayden Jeffries Sophmore Madison
Baden Forup Sophmore Lexington
Drew Dossi Junior Wooster
Beau Bridges Junior Mt. Vernon
Peyton McKinney Senior West Holmes

Honorable Mention

Name Grade School
Luke Jurjevic Junior Ashland
Chase Hunt Senior Ashland
Hudson Moore Sophomore Lexington
Jack Depperschmidt Junior Lexington
Isaac Brooks Junior Madison
Luke Pruitt Senior Madison
D’Angelo Chapman Senior Mansfield Sr.
Amil Upchurch Junior Mansfield Sr.
Dayne Burgess Senior Mt. Vernon
Hudson Rohler Sophomore Mt. Vernon
Garrett Eastep Junior West Holmes
Payton Miller Senior West Holmes
Owen Roach Senior Wooster
Jack Williams Junior Wooster
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