Champion:  Wooster

Wooster Girls Tennis


Coach of the year: Justin crooks, Wooster

Player of the year: Ava Mathur, Wooster


Team Results

Team winner: Wooster

2nd Place- Ashland
3rd Place- Lexington
4th Place- Mount Vernon
5th Place- Madison
6th Place- New Philadelphia 
7th Place- West Holmes
8th Place- Mansfield Sr


First singles

1st place- Ava Mathur (Wooster)

2nd place- Audra McBride (Ashland)

3rd place- Emma Annett (Mt. Vernon)


Second singles

1st place- Minnie Pozefsky (Wooster)

2nd place- Malaina Wolfe (Lexington)

3rd place- Cameron Carlson (Mt. Vernon)


Third singles

1st place- Alexia Kakanuru (Wooster)

2nd place- Katelyn Mamula (New Philadelphia)

3rd place- Hannah Miller (Ashland)


First doubles

1st place- Chloe Ediger and Morgan Kaufman (Ashland)

2nd place- Deah Bresson and Grace Grey (Wooster)

3rd place- Madison Carns and Ulo Ezike (Lexington)


Second doubles

1st place- Alex Swartzentruber and Haley Lefever (Ashland)

2nd place- Faith Hunter and Grace Mayville (Mt. Vernon)

3rd place- Olivia Lord and Emma Reynolds (Madison)

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