Champion:  Wooster

Wooster Girls Tennis


Coach of the Year: Wooster - Justin Crooks

Player of the Year: Lexington - Gracie Pfeifer


Order of Finish
Place  Team Points
1st place Wooster 57
2nd place Ashland 36
3rd place Lexington 35
4th place Mount Vernon 22.5
5th place Mansfield Madison 16
6th place West Holmes 5
7th place Mansfield Senior 1


First Singles

First Place: Gracie Pfeifer - Lexington

Second Place: Ava Mathur - Wooster

Third Place: Audra McBride - Ashland


Second Singles

First Place: Sophia Mathur - Wooster

Second Place: Simone Haynes - Ashland

Third Place: Emma Annett - Mount Vernon


Third Singles

First Place: Minnie Posefsky - Wooster

Second Place: Anna Dinnen - Mount Vernon

Third Place: Alex Swartzentruber - Ashland


First Doubles

First Place: Emma Boreman/Alexis Kakanuru  - Wooster

Second Place: Chloe Ediger/Morgan Kauffman - Ashland

Third Place: Kiely Diehl/Evie Hostetler - Lexington


Second Doubles

First Place: Wooster

Second Place: Haley Lefever/Jaden Smith - Ashland

Third Place:  Marjorie Clanns/Gabby Wallace - Lexington

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